Welcome Address - John Mayer, Executive Director, CALI

Welcome Remarks - Dean, Theodore Ruger, University of Pennsyvlania Carey Law



KEYNOTE SESSION:  Leveraging Large Language Models to Improve the Practice of LawPablo Arredondo Headshot

SPEAKER: Pablo Arredondo

SPEAKER TITLE:   Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Casetext


Progress in artificial intelligence has accelerated dramatically in recent years. Neural nets have enabled increasingly powerful language models that are now showing human-level ability to read and write text. The most powerful language model, GPT-4, can write computer code, is fluent in almost every language, and is able to ace the bar exam. Attorneys are already applying language models in ways both good and bad. This keynote will focus on the evolution of large language models, how they are impacting the legal profession today, and where things may be going next.


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