Let's face it, ChatGPT and OpenAI have dominated the conversation around AI, but the landscape is vast and varied. What if you want more than generic question-answering or text generation?

This fast-paced session will highlight alternative AI-based tools and services for various tasks. You'll walk away with an expanded sense of what's on the horizon.

The era of AI in the workplace is no longer limited to chatbots handling simple, repetitive queries. More sophisticated machine learning techniques are primed to tackle complex, nuanced tasks once reserved for humans. This progress opens new opportunities to improve productivity, gain business insights and enhance experiences - but not without risks and challenges.

We'll discuss the promising opportunities and potential downsides of cutting-edge AI tools that could significantly impact our work and what we can accomplish. How do they address AI concerns? What needs do they handle? How are they different? There are no easy answers but plenty of perspectives to debate.

Tin foil hats are not included, but lively discussion is highly likely! (Not really...well, maybe.) While the hype around AI abounds, this session will cut through the speculation to explore what's truly on the horizon and what it means for the future of your work. The rise of machines may be inevitable, but being in the know is up to you!

- Written by Claude and edited by Grammarly