Much of the prognostication around automated expert systems, symbolic AIs, and the like seems to assume a world of perfect–or at least perfectable–datasets from which these systems can draw as the grist for their proverbial mills.  LII Co-Directors Sara Frug and Craig Newton, along with Justia CEO Tim Stanley, will encourage the audience to think about incorporating concerns for data availability and quality into the training of technology-minded lawyers by identifying examples of how imperfect or unavailable data currently stymie progress.   

Topics to be addressed will include LII’s experience with non-machine-readable text, the challenges inherent in dealing with different data structures used by various governments/agencies, and (for the lawyers in the room) discussions of of both how copyright continues to be an obstacle to open access to primary legal information and the possibility that we’re sending mixed messages to students (including law students) about AI and its future.  


Sara Frug
Co-Director, Legal Information Institute