In September 2022, the State Library of Iowa, in partnership with the University of Iowa Law Library, launched the People's Law Library of Iowa website. Given the success of this project, the partnership was renewed for another 5 years with the aim of fully building out an easy-to-understand explainer of law and legal issues to Iowans. Our goal is to make this a standard for other states. One of the ways we are starting to experiment with content creation and using our finite human resources for the things only we can do is using ChatGPT to create the "first pass" of the text explainers for our human editors. 

The goals of the session will be to:

- demonstrate how to create questions that lead to the most helpful answers

- demonstrate how editors adapt those answers to our website's style guides and other conventions, like imbedding links to permanent statutory texts and regulations as well as the website's "legal terms defined" section

- inspire conversation and outline models for other applications, like basic explanations for legal research instruction, to improve the AI technologies so they can provide better answers over time