In this presentation, I will discuss multimedia efforts to promote diversity and inclusion, and build community within the law school, and with the legal community outside the university.  Specifically:

  • Using digital signage campaigns to highlight themes like Black History Month, Native American Heritage Month, Women’s History Month - with input from students, faculty, and law library staff. 
  • Collaborating on graphic design for event flyers, blog posts, and periodic publications.
  • Creating a custom digital media cart for library trainings that can be set up quickly. (We call these on-the-go trainings “Museday Tuesdays” - named after our William Taylor Muse Law Library.)
  • Adapting to support virtual events and guest speakers that continue to grow in demand and popularity.

These initiatives have helped support an environment of intellectual curiosity, and cultural awareness in our library, despite disruptions caused by renovations (and the ongoing effects of the pandemic).


Carl Hamm
Multimedia Production and Technology Specialist