Comics .. and Justice for ALL

Comics .. and Justice for ALL

There are a daunting number of tools and services available that employ Artificial Intelligence methods and sources to create images.  In 2022, countless people were enamored by the quirky and often uncanny images from DALL-E.  Current platforms have more refined features and sophisticated settings. 

This session will explore and demonstrate leading generative content tools, including free and paid services.  The focus is on tools used to create comics and visuals to teach the law and expand access to justice.  We'll look at techniques for fine-tuning image prompts and explore use cases and existing examples to use visuals to teach the law, while expanding access to justice.  Along the way, we'll discuss sources and techniques to develop narrative storytelling (aka "comics").

In discussions and through examples, we will explore implications for copyright as well as topics in bias and diversity.

Law School / Organization